Get Started with ZeroNyms!


We are currently in private beta. But you are welcome to contact us any time. We will put you on our prioritized waiting list and contact you as soon as we have a free spot for you.

Step 1 - Choose what services you need

You can select one or many services on your path to digital sovereignty:

  1. Keep your secrets safe with BitWarden
  2. Real-time Communication with Matrix
  3. Video Conferencing with Jitsi
  4. Create, manage and securely share online documents with CryptPad

Step 2 - Contact Us!

We will get back to you at the most convenient time, and go through the following options:

  • Configuration: we go through your specific needs for each service you selected
  • Maintenance options: regular system and application updates, system cleanups…
  • Support options: Helpdesk Service Level Agreement, Backup and recovery services
  • Pricing: Payable monthly
  • Installation plan

Have any questions or want to know more about what ZeroNyms can do for you?

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