About us

Our Mission

Help people regain control of their digital tools and identity management and move away from centralized services that pose potential threats to freedom and privacy.


Short term, we host, support, and maintain services that enable people to stay creative, productive, and connected while regaining data ownership and being protected from censorship.

We are also working on decentralizing more services to be self-hosted on our customers’ premises—building ways to reach broad connectivity and benefit from the redundancy added by meshing independent machines together.

Why Trust Us?

Trust has to be earned. Every partnership starts with a minimal level, and it should increase through time, interactions, or when someone you know and trust recommends us.

We will do everything we can to charge the trust battery:

  • by answering your questions in a timely fashion;
  • by being transparent about potential limitations we might face;
  • by providing the best possible service.

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